Samuel 17
In the Old Testament of 1 Samuel, Chapter 17 tells a story of an ordinary man named David whom nobody believed in. That did not matter to him because David had something to put his trust and faith in. From that he would get his strength to battle the nine-foot-tall giant, Goliath. In the end, against all odds, David did prove that size does not matter when he defeated Goliath.
Prolimatech Samuel 17 has the essence of David. It is compact in size but don’t let that fool you as it packs a deadly arsenal in a never ending battle against heat. When equipped with a 120mm, Samuel 17 will not only cool your CPU efficiently but also the PC components around it, keeping your computer running smooth and stable. 
  • Bracket Arm 775
    Bracket Arm 775
  • Bracket Arm 1156 (also fits 1155 and 1150)
    Bracket Arm 1156 (also fits 1155 and 1150)
  • Bracket Arm 1366
    Bracket Arm 1366
  • Bracket Arm AM2/3
    Bracket Arm AM2/3
  • M3x6 Screw
    M3x6 Screw
  • Nylon Washer
    Nylon Washer
  • Spring-loaded Screw
    Spring-loaded Screw
  • M3x17 Screw
    M3x17 Screw
  • M3x30 Screw
    M3x30 Screw
  • Thermal Compound
    Thermal Compound