Armageddon Blue Series
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The new Blue Series Armageddon! It is a tower of black fins, interspersing flashes of blue within, and silver pipes. Top tier performance and style all in one package! Outfit your system with one of the best performing and best looking heat sinks on the market!
  • Intel Backplate
    Intel Backplate
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate
    Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • Aluminum Strip Adapter
    Aluminum Strip Adapter
  • Spring-loaded Screw
    Spring-loaded Screw
  • Double End Stud With Nut
    Double End Stud With Nut
  • Screw Nut
    Screw Nut
  • Rivet Nut
    Rivet Nut
  • O-ring
  • LGA 2011 Mounting Kit
    LGA 2011 Mounting Kit
  • 140mm Arma Clip
    140mm Arma Clip
  • Thermal Compound (PK-2)
    Thermal Compound (PK-2)