PK-Zero Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g、150g、300g、600g)
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When you require performance, reliability, and quality the PK compounds are where to turn to. The PK-Zero offers many of the same excellent benefits of the PK line, but at a budget price. It is easy to apply, requires no burn-in time, has a long lifespan with low dry-out, and is not electrically conductive. The nanoparticles help to fill in microscopic imperfections in the surfaces between the heat sink and contact surface, providing leading brand thermal dissipation!
  • 1. Low Viscosity allows for easy application
  • 2.No "burn-in" time require
  • 3.Low Dry-Out
  • 4.Electrically Non-Conductive
  • 5.Good performance
  • 6.Long-Term Stability
  • 7.Non-Corrosive