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http://www.silentpcreview.comThe Panther is a smaller offering than usual from Prolimatech. It's a relatively thin, light heatsink targeted at users with more modest processors. Its performance is well matched for Sandy/Ivy Bridge processors. first run in with a Prolimatech product yielded wonderful results. I knew they already impressed tons of enthusiasts with their Megahalem and Super Mega coolers, so I was hoping for positive results on the Panther. I was happy with how easy the Prolimatech Panther was to install and shocked that it was able to beat the Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler. The Cooler Master V8 was released in 2008 for $69.99 and it was a great cooler for the time, but it is starting to show its design limitations in 2012. Prolimatech es un disipador robusto y que derrocha calidad en su construcción. Es compatible con todos los sockets de gama media/alta del mercado (Exceptuando LGA 2011).

En nuestro banco de pruebas ha dado la talla con creces. Hemos utilizado el perfil de la bios: i7 2600k a 4200 mhz y 1.34 v y ha respondido muy bien. 61ºC con Prime95 y 36.5ºC en Idle. Para los más clásicos el procesador en stock: 29ºC en idle y 52ºC en Full.Процессорный кулер Prolimatech Panther продемонстрировал себя с наилучшей стороны. Небольшие габариты, простая, но в тоже время очень надежная система креплений, достаточная эффективность для небольшой площади рассеивания несомненно относятся в сильным сторонам кулера. А наличие в комплекте поставки дополнительной пары скоб для установки второго вентилятора позволяют еще улучшить результаты, после его установки.В целом, новинка Prolimatech показала себя неплохо. Хорошая эффективность охлаждения, качественная конструкция, красивый внешний вид, наличие в комплекте вентилятора с красной подсветкой, возможность установки двух вентиляторов (которые, в этом тестировании, к сожалению, проверить не удалось), низкий уровень шума штатного, - все это можно отнести, несомненно, только к плюсам. Panther散熱器擁有不錯的表現,能將超頻至約4G的1100T溫度壓制在40℃左右,另外原廠在PROLIMA Panther散熱器選用搭配單12CM散熱風扇也有其考量,體積跟安裝上都簡便許多,使用者若有改裝需求可以加裝另外1顆12CM的散熱風扇加強散熱能力,讓系統對溫度壓制力更高。個人覺得整體搭配相當不錯。 Prolimatech vem se destacando tanto no design como na qualidade de construção dos seus dissipadores e é justamente  nessas mesmas características que nos recai o olhar de primeira vista quando retiramos o Panther da embalagem. Um dissipador elegante e de dimensões embora grandes, bem compactas. Prolimatech volta a atacar muito bem o vasto mercado dos dissipadores conseguindo aliar uma boa performance e um excelente preço a um produto de grande qualidade e de enorme versatilidade! 
Youtube Video review about Prolimatech Panther size of the cooler is what really impressed me as it was thin enough to be able to use all the DIMM slot on our motherboard. That alone is a rarity with many of today’s coolers. If socket 2011 brackets were included I am sure it would not interfere with slots on either side of the motherboard.
http://www.overclockersclub.comOverall, the Prolimatech Panther is quite the air cooler. Although I’ve been away from air coolers since receiving and modifying my ECO ALC about a year ago, the Panther really came out of the woods. I wasn’t expecting such amazing thermal performance for something its size - compared to the Megahalems, this is slightly smaller. I think adding a second fan would produce even more profound results. Perhaps air cooling is back on the market in my books!This might just be your next cooler if you are ready to take on the fun of overclocking your CPU. performance
Good value
Included mounting clips for a second fan
Quiet operation at stock speeds
High quality thermal paste
Overall quality of the product is excellent